Luxor - The World's Biggest Outdoor Museum

by Rob Atherton

Luxor is set in Upper Egypt at the banks of the Nile and is the departure point for most Nile cruise ships. Tourists get there by direct flights coming from Britain or alternatively via Cairo. If you prefer, you can use daily trains which go overnight from Cairo 400 miles to the north and onwards to Aswan.

Even though it's a starting point for Nile cruise trips, holidaymakers who choose to stay at one of the hotels in Luxor should have lots to visit on account of the array of archaeological treasures in the place. The Nile makes its way through the midst of Luxor and the individual river banks are known as the East Bank and West Bank.

The East Bank is the place where most of the hotels are located and the main focal points from the historical point of view are the Temples of Karnak and Luxor that are to the north and south of the city, roughly around 2 miles away from each other. Likewise found on the East Bank are the Luxor Museum and Museum of Mummification. The Temple of Luxor is likewise worth checking out during the night having atmospheric lighting and less travellers, it boasts a very different feel about it.

The West Bank is considered to be the entrance to the Valley of the Kings which is most celebrated as the place that the Tomb of Tutankhamen was located by Howard Carter in 1922. One more distinctive site is the Valley of the Queens that has the Tomb of Nefertari amongst its treasures.

In addition there are enough other locations of appeal but a highly encouraged activity is an early hot-air balloon trip over the ruins of the West Bank providing holidaymakers and visitors a different point of view on the superb historic riches on offer when they go to Luxor. If you adore ancient Egypt, Luxor is the location to visit.

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The popular location of Luxor is the ideal location for anybody who has an interest in the legacy of Ancient Egypt.

Queenstown Restaurant - The Best Foods, Wines, and Beers

by Miles Stoppard

The small city of Queenstown is well known as one of the best destination areas in New Zealand. It has a distinct reputation for being one of the friendliest areas in the world, perfect for vacationers and travelers. There are many things to do there, including art trails, wine trails, shopping, and almost any activity related to nature and the outdoors. Queenstown restaurant branches offer some of the best foods in New Zealand to retain the continual flow of tourists and travelers.

Queenstown is fairly small in regards to size and population, but it has an impressive array of wines, beers, and international cusines. There are over 100 restaurants in this small town, and they are all within walking distance. There are foods to satisfy every taste bud, including local seafood specialties and New Zealand lamb. International cuisine advocates will also enjoy the multicultural foods such as fine French gourmet, colorful Italian food, Middle Eastern snacks, and top British cuisine.

Dining in this area is a big business and the locals take food very seriously. A great way to end the day after outdoors activities is to have excellent food accompanied with quality wine in a beautiful restaurant. Many of these eateries are located in beautiful outdoor settings where customers can enjoy the thrills of the water and mountainsides. Others are located in the town, so customers can get a feel of the bustling day to day activities and life for the locals.

A wine tour is a great way to find out how some of the best wines in New Zealand are made. These tours will involve visiting the plantations, viewing the wineries, and tasting the products. The most famous wineries in Queenstown are the Charm Farm Vineyard, Gibbston Valley Winery, Wine House/Kitchen, Waitiri Creek Vineyards, and Peregrine Winery. Many wineries are located over near the mountains, providing a beautiful and majestic look.

Queenstown beers have won numerous awards on an international and country-wide level. Almost all of these beers are totally natural with no preservatives. They have a rich and distinct flavor, but this taste does not come from any sugars, preservatives, or other chemicals. Famous beers will include Alpine Ale, Dux Lager, Hereford Bitter, and Ginger Tom.

A typical Queenstown restaurant is a place where east meets west and all cultures come together in one flavorful blend. There are dozens of restaurants available, so each person can choose according to their own tastes and preferences. Whether you prefer pastries or fine wine, Queenstown is the place to go.

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Dubai Attractions Explored

by Robert Toth

Dubai is one of the most happening tourist destinations for over a decade now. The Dubai attractions have a lot to offer to the vacationers and tourists. Visit this lavish destination and have the time of your life.

City overview

Dubai is an expanding and busy metropolitan. The city is always overflowing in vibrant life and activities. Located in the Middle East UAE, the city is a blend of shopping malls and skyscrapers.

Places which you must visit

The Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates are no less than heaven for the shopaholics. While the former is the world's largest mall, the latter is the house of every possible brand around the world.

The Restless Planet is one of the exploratory Dubai attractions which mimics the Jurassic Park and is situated in the City of Arabia. The City of Arabia is an enormously themed park.

Ski Dubai is the largest indoor ski slope in the world and will give you a lifelong experience of fun and adventure.

Dubailand is the world's most gigantic amusement park.

The artificial islands are one of the most visited. The Palm Jumeira Island is one such man made wonder.

The world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa is about 2127 feet long and is a mesmerizing sight.

Enjoy your trip by visiting the Safari desert.

Don't forget to have at least one meal at Burj Al Arab Hotel which is the world's most luxurious property.

Things you must do

Have a quick look at the Old Dubaiand relish the redolent atmosphere.

A visit to the Palm Islands which are on the list of world class Dubai attractions for their claim as the largest artificial island in the world.

Visit the 7-star hotel - Burj al-Arab Hotel and make your reservation well in advance.

Gather knowledge about the country's interesting and rich history by visiting the Dubai Museum.

Visit the Dubai Tower considered as the tallest tower in the world.

The Jumeira Mosqueis a prominent landmark which personifies ancient tradition and modern art.

Take a roller- coaster ride over the sands of the Safari Desert.

Have a flight on balloon early at dawn.

Shopping and Sports In the city

The Mall of the Emirates stocks every brand in the world. The biggest mall of the world is the Dubai Mall that ensures customer satisfaction at its best. Hundreds of energized shoppers visit the city for the Dubai Shopping festival, which is one of renowned Dubai attractions. The first integrated city in the world is the Dubai Sports City which entertains sports like swimming, hockey, cricket, golf, rugby and tennis.

How to spend nightlife

There are more than 100 bars and nightclubs in Dubai which make you feel active and energetic. You can have alcoholic drinks and watch the most beautiful fireworks on display.

Dubai festivals

The prominent festivals of Dubai are Eid Al Fitr, Ramadan and Eid Al Adha. The city also celebrates the sports festival, shopping festivals and film festivals.

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